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Al Malek Trading has a worldwide-connected network, which ensures quality in our services. It is our operational efficiency and excellent management of human resources that makes us strive and differentiates us in the industry.

We have implemented quality management practices along with an exceptional supplier chain and customer service support, which sets us apart, with our flexibility to change strategy and systems.

Our services at Al Malek Trading include the full handling of the goods as well as the back office and administration work behind the logistics operation. Our back office team ensures the proper handling of logistics, along with our specialized international partners.

Al Malek’s main trading markets are in Asia and Europe. Al Malek along with their international partners will source products from Europe or Asia and handle the entire trading and shipping process.

Al Malek also operates through its partners’ representative offices and branches throughout the world.

Trade is more than the sourcing of goods - we integrate into the production chain and help to penetrate the markets.

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The cooperation with Bin Ghasson allows Al Malek to import goods from outside the UAE and to distribute them locally.
Al Malek General Trading FZ LLC started a cooperation with the local UAE general trading company Bin Ghasson General Trading LLC, a company located in Dubai and registered with the Dubai Economic Department (DED). The company was established in 1982 and can list companies like British American Tobacco (BAT), Ratiopharm (Pharmaceuticals) and Mahle (Automotive Components) as references.